Your First Orthodontic Visit

There’s a lot of thought and research that goes into deciding to take the leap into orthodontic treatment. Thank you for trusting Wilson Orthodontics with your smile! We’re excited to work with you towards achieving a healthy, confident smile. Every orthodontic journey begins with a complimentary Dr. Wilson Smile Analysis in our award-winning Frisco office. This comprehensive consultation is one of the most important visits you’ll have with us, so we do our best to keep it exciting and stress-free. Part of that is preparing you for what’s to come, so let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from your first orthodontic visit with Dr. Wilson!

Getting started on your new smile

This initial appointment gives us the chance to get to know each other and explore your orthodontic options in a relaxing setting. We never want you to feel rushed during your visits, and especially not your first one! You can expect your consultation to last anywhere from half an hour to an hour, and may want to plan your schedule accordingly.

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted warmly and one of our team members will go over your medical and dental history with you. We’ll then proceed to the diagnostic records and exam. Diagnostic records are just orthodontic records that we obtain during a consultation appointment. The information included in them will give Dr. Wilson what he needs to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan. They also serve as the “before” documentation of your smile!

Generally, diagnostic records will include digital photographs and both panoramic and cephalometric x-rays using our iTero digital scanner. Once we have all the images we need, Dr. Wilson will perform a thorough oral examination. He’ll check out your bite, teeth, and jaws for any issues. He’ll also discuss any questions or concerns you have about your smile at this time, and cover the following topics:

  • Any oral issues that are present
  • If treatment is needed immediately or whether waiting is recommended
  • What treatment options are available to correct the problem
  • If any teeth will need to be removed
  • The estimated treatment time
  • The total investment required for your new smile
  • Any payment or financing options we have available to you

Wilson Orthodontics takes an individualized approach to orthodontic care. We take into account your specific needs, goals, and lifestyle when building a treatment plan for you. This attention to details is why we’re able to consistently produce exceptional results for our patients!

The next steps in your orthodontic journey

If you decide to move forward with treatment, we’ll schedule an appointment for you to come back in and have your orthodontic appliance fitted or placed. Depending on your particular treatment plan, you’ll have follow-up appointments with us every 6-8 weeks or so. During these essential visits, Dr. Wilson will monitor the movement of your teeth, check that treatment is proceeding as it should be, and adjust your appliance if necessary.

You should try your best to not miss any of these appointments, but we understand that life sometimes gets in the way. If you’re running late or can’t make your appointment for any reason, just let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule you for another day!

We encourage you to continue visiting your regular dentist for checkups and cleanings during the treatment process. If any extra dental care is needed while you’re an orthodontic patient, we’ll be happy to coordinate care with your dentist.

Your investment in a new smile

During your consultation, we’ll go over all the fees associated with treatment and ensure you understand it before we move on to the active phase of your plan. The total cost will vary from case to case, but you never have to worry about hidden fees with Wilson Orthodontics! We know that orthodontic treatment is a significant investment for most families and believe every patient should have access to affordable, high-quality care. We’re proud to offer zero-interest and low-interest financing plans, along with a discount on accounts that are paid in full. We also accept most major credit cards and insurance plans.

The smile you’ve always wanted is waiting for you at Wilson Orthodontics

You only get one smile—don’t trust it to anything less than a qualified expert! Dr. Evan Wilson is an award-winning orthodontist who’s created over 5K beautiful smiles since 1999. He was recognized by America’s Top Dentists in the orthodontist category, Texas Monthly magazine’s top orthodontist’s, and as the best healthcare provider in the Best of Business category of Frisco Style Magazine. Dr. Wilson’s experience and skill allow  him to properly diagnose your case and expertly recommend the best course of orthodontic treatment for your smile.

Here at Wilson Orthodontics, we work to build confident smiles and close relationships with our patients! Our office is a warm, welcoming, and safe environment where you’ll feel like family from your first visit to your last. During your complimentary Dr. Wilson Smile Analysis, Dr. Wilson will talk you through your treatment options and get you started on the best path to the smile you’ve always wanted, so call today to schedule your consultation with us!