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Below are the most frequently asked orthodontic treatment and braces questions we receive at Wilson Orthodontics.
orthodontic treatment and braces questions

1. Is it necessary to have my family dentist book my appointment with our Frisco orthodontist?

Not at all! Although some patients get their referrals through their family doctors, many book their appointments by calling us directly.

2. What is the right age to bring my child for his/her first orthodontic examination?

The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) recommends age 7 as the appropriate age for a child to receive his/her first orthodontic examination. You can read more about early evaluation here.

3. Will my teeth align properly on their own as they grow so I won’t need braces in the future?

This is unlikely. The available space for your front teeth is constant. It does not increase in size as you grow. In fact, the size of this space even decreases as you grow older. Because of this, your teeth are more likely to get further out of alignment if you don’t seek out orthodontic treatment.

4. What is the procedure for scheduling an appointment for a first examination?

This is very easy. Just call our Frisco orthodontics office at 972.377.0500 or click here to use our online form, and a staff member will be glad to assist you. Kindly have your dental insurance information ready when you call for an appointment booking, as this helps us to ensure your treatment is properly covered by insurance. If you are a new patient, your first appointment will be free, but having this insurance information will help us to provide you a correct estimate for any potential future treatment.

5. What should I expect during my first orthodontic examination with our Frisco orthodontist?

First, we will like you to know that your first examination is free. You will receive no billing unless we start an actual treatment. Your Dr. Wilson Smile Analysis will consist of an office tour, complete exam, digital x-rays, digital photos, and a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Wilson. During this consultation you will discuss together what the right treatment is for your needs.  We will make sure your Smile Analysis is as educational and relaxing as possible.

6. What new knowledge can I gain from the first examination?

Our aim for the first examination is to equip you with the right dental information that would make you confident about our recommended treatment options. We will help you get clarifications on questions like:

  • Do you have an orthodontic issue? If yes, what is it?
  • What are the possible solutions to this problem?
  • Are tooth extractions necessary?
  • What is the duration of an orthodontic treatment?
  • What is the cost of an orthodontic treatment?

We would like you to ask any questions you have, so that you feel confident and comfortable with any recommendations given by Dr. Wilson. Orthodontic treatment is a commitment of both money and time, and we would like to make the experience worthwhile and even enjoyable for you.

7. Must my teeth be removed prior to braces?

In some cases, teeth extraction may be necessary in order to produce the optimum orthodontic result. In orthodontics, the results of aligned teeth and good facial profile are more important that the methods used in achieving them. Nevertheless, the latest advanced technology inputs in orthodontic procedures have made teeth extraction less common. Dr. Wilson has many treatment options and only uses extraction as a last resort.

8. What is the duration of an orthodontic treatment?

The length of an orthodontic treatment depends on the particular orthodontic problem and the patient’s cooperation. However, the duration of the treatment for an early procedure is between 10 and 12 months. For a comprehensive procedure, the treatment duration can last from 16 to 22 months.

9. What is the total cost of the braces? Do you have options for financing? How can I use my insurance for this treatment?

The cost of your orthodontic treatment can be definite only after we have run some tests on you and determined the nature of treatment you need. For the first examination, we will bear all the associated costs. However, for your treatment proper, we have a wide range of financing options for you to choose with respect to your needs. We will also help you analyze your insurance policy to determine the extent of its coverage for your treatment. We will help you file your claims to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your policy.

10. How often will I have appointments?

Your need determines the frequency of your appointments. Each patient is different and this frequency varies. Nevertheless, once you start treatment, we would like you to visit us every 6 to 10 weeks for proper follow-up checks. This depends on the treatment devices and the type of result we hope to achieve. If your treatment needs a higher frequency of appointments, we will schedule it appropriately.

11. Is it possible to have all my appointments after school hours?

Most appointments are booked 8 to 10 weeks ahead of time, so to get the best available appointment times for yourself, make sure you book during your current visit. We will not promise that your desired appointment hours will be available, but we will try our best to accommodate your preferences. Please note that if you need an emergency appointment, it may be impossible to get your preferred time.

12. Can I leave my child with you for an appointment?

We appreciate the fact that parents of junior patients are busy, so we would be happy to assist in making your life easier. We only ask that you endeavor to come in and see the staff that attended to your child so that you can schedule the next visit accordingly.

13. Are braces hurtful?

Braces will make you feel uncomfortable or irritated when you start wearing them, but they do not hurt in the true sense of the word. For your initial soreness, you can use Tylenol or Advil to relieve the discomfort. The soreness should completely go away after few subsequent visits.

14. Will my wearing the braces disrupt my school attendance?

No, you should never need to be absent from school because of an orthodontic appointment.

15. Do you give injections?

No, orthodontic treatment does not require injections.

16. Do you make use of recycled braces?

We would NEVER do such a thing! Each patient is unique, so braces are matched to individual cases in order to get the best result for an orthodontic treatment.

17. Can I take part in sports activities during my treatment?

Yes, you can. You only need to wear an appropriate mouth guard when you do so. We have special mouth guards suitable for sports, and they come in a range of colors to suit your style.

18. Do I still need to visit my family dentist while undergoing orthodontic treatment?

Yes, you should absolutely continue your regular dental cleanings. Orthodontic treatment does not mean you should abandon your normal dental checkups with your dentist. Dr. Wilson advises that you have a dental cleaning once every three months throughout the duration you are wearing the braces.

19. Are there foods I should avoid while I have braces?

Yes. If you have braces, you must avoid foods or substances that may be sticking to your teeth such as gummy, crunchy, and hard foods.

20. How frequently should I brush my teeth during my orthodontic treatment?

Brush your teeth four times every day – once after every meal and last thing at night before you go to bed. We will guide you on the proper way to brush and floss your teeth while wearing braces.

21. How do you handle emergency appointments?

You will need an emergency appointment if you feel something is loose or if your braces are very painful. The first thing you should do is to call us on the phone. Sometimes, we can even resolve some of these issues over the phone. If you truly need an emergency appointment, we try our best to attend to you that same day. We cannot promise that your desired appointment hours will be available, but we will try our best to accommodate you.

22. Is it necessary to perform an orthodontic procedure on a child with milk teeth?

Yes, it is necessary sometimes to perform corrective procedures very early in a child’s life – especially when the dental features are still developing. Some of these corrections become impossible when the facial bones have stopped growing. Early interventions are also known as Phase I treatment. However, Dr. Wilson applies caution in such cases. If we decide that the patient is not yet ready for treatment, we will monitor that patient’s growth until an appropriate time.

23. What is Phase One (early) orthodontic treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment (Phase I) is initiated at about the age of seven, when the child still has a greater number of milk teeth present, with few of the permanent incisors. The ultimate aim of the Phase I treatment is to checkmate or intercept a mild or extreme case of orthodontic disorder early in the child’s life, in order to minimize or eradicate it. Some disorders that can be corrected with Phase I early treatment include crowding, spacing, crowding, crossbites etc.

The benefits of Phase I treatment is that this is the period in a child’s life when the dental structure is still forming and is pliable to be worked on. This makes the procedure very easy to handle and minimizes the need for teeth extraction or surgical interventions. It also offers more long-lasting results and treatment alternatives. Phase I treatment generally lasts from 10 to 20 months, depending on the severity of the treatment.

24. Will my child require full braces after Phase I treatment?

It is safe to expect that your child will need to wear full braces after the completion of Phase I treatment. The aim of this early treatment is not to align the teeth because the teeth will still shift when the permanent teeth start erupting. However, the aim is to preserve and guide the structural growth of the facial bones. After Phase I, your child will go into an observation period when Dr. Wilson will carefully monitor him/her. We will communicate all observations and secondary treatment option with the parents and patients.

25. What benefits will my child get from an expander?

The use of an expander is not automatic. After the first evaluation, Dr. Wilson will take a decision whether to recommend an expander or not.

26. Is there any age limit for the use of braces?

There is no age limit. You would be surprised to know that one in every four orthodontic patients is an adult. Adults also deserve the same happiness, confidence, and healthy dental life.

27. Is it possible to wear my braces even when I have missing teeth or I have crowns?

A tooth with a dental crown also moves so you can wear braces with your crown. However, if you are missing some teeth, we can use orthodontic treatment to help in making the remaining teeth straight. Be aware that dental implants are permanent and cannot be relocated with orthodontics. If there is a need for the installation of bridges or implants in the future, Dr. Wilson will cooperate with your dentist to customized a treatment plan for you, in order to align your teeth well before for dental restoration.

28. What is the meaning of slenderizing? Is it safe?

Slenderizing, officially known as interproximal reduction (IPR), involves stripping off little amounts of the tooth outer enamel between two teeth, in order to make the teeth slender and reduce crowding. This practice has been in existence for more than half a century and has been proven safe and effective. Years of study have revealed that slenderizing does not make the teeth prone to infection or decay. As always, Dr. Wilson will study your case very well to determine whether slenderizing is the best approach to solving your case of crowded teeth.

29. What is the benefit of using an orthodontist instead of my regular dentist?

Orthodontic treatment concerns not just the teeth, but sometimes even the entire facial profile with the bones. Orthodontists are specially trained professionals whose responsibility is to handle teeth alignment for adults, teenagers, and children. Teeth straightening and alignment is a special training taught after dental school. This training takes an additional 2 – 3 years after dental school. Any dentist who wishes to qualify as an orthodontist must undergo this training.

Part of the orthodontic training includes dentofacial orthopedics (facial development guidance) and orthodontics (teeth mobility). Orthodontists are also called straight-smile experts.

Dear Dr. Wilson, Thank you for your note. Your staff is, hands down, the nicest staff of any medical or dental practice I have had the pleasure of meeting since I moved to Frisco. I felt extremely comfortable there and it made me miss my days as an orthodontic assistant. Thank you also for your kindness and honesty regarding my potential treatment, you are a rarity. God bless you! Sincerely,
Madonna W.
best frisco tx orthodontist
Dr. Wilson and his staff are amazing. We have two kids 16 & 13... 16 year old just got braces off and she looks great. Dr. Wilson did what was needed (and only what was needed) and she is very happy with her straight teeth. Son just started the process and we know he is in good hands with Dr. Wilson and his staff. We would highly recommend Dr. Wilson too anyone looking for an orthodontist.
Steven T.
best frisco tx orthodontist
Dr. Wilson and the Staff are AMAZING!!! My daughter looks forward to her visits :) We are always seen ON TIME and feel like we are part of the FAMILY. They remember the school notes (big help) without being asked. As for her Teeth - she still has about 10 months of treatment left ... but they already look SO MUCH BETTER!!! Thank you Dr Wilson for being AWESOME!!!
Arthenia F.
best frisco tx orthodontist
Have always appreciated the respect for timeliness, the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff. Always feel like there are options for appointments that work around our schedule. In addition, I have seen my kids come out on the other end to get an amazing smile and healthy teeth. Thank you Dr. Wilson and your incredible staff!
Julie H.
best frisco tx orthodontist
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