Looking For a Pediatric Orthodontist in Frisco, TX?

Looking for a pediatric orthodontist in Frisco, TX? Look no further!

Taking your child to the orthodontist can be a challenge. Kids are naturally inclined to fear what they do not understand, especially if it involves rooting around in their mouths. 

A pediatric orthodontist however, can help. Pediatric orthodontists are different from regular orthodontists. Not only do they specialize in orthodontic issues in young people, but they also have training in how to treat them effectively. 

At Wilson Orthodontics, we communicate with your child in a way that they understand, helping to put them at ease. Our goal is to make trips to the orthodontist in Frisco, TX, as relaxing for both child and parents as possible. We want to take the stress out of visits to dental professionals and make it something that children enjoy. We show your child how regular trips to the orthodontist can give them a smile that they feel confident about. 

Pediatric orthodontists offer many of the same treatments as regular orthodontists. You can get braces and Invisalign as you can with regular services. Also, you can get what is called interceptive therapy to deal with common childhood oral health issues. Our pediatric services in Frisco, TX, can help correct uneven or crowded teeth, thumb sucking, speech impediments, problems with chewing, and mouth breathing. Taken together, you can get comprehensive care for your child. It’s vital to deal with these issues while your child is young. Dealing with orthodontic problems can become more difficult as your child ages and enters adolescence.