Looking For An Orthodontist Near You?

Top-quality orthodontics doesn’t just give you a smile you can be proud of; it contributes to first-class dental health too. Everyone deserves access to exemplary care and locating a reputable and experienced orthodontist should not be difficult. Fortunately, your search for an ‘orthodontist near me’ ends now. 

Located in Frisco, Texas, Wilson Orthodontics offers comprehensive treatments and a wide range of orthodontic options. Whether you’re having braces for cosmetic reasons or to improve mouth function and comfort, our dedicated team will provide you with advanced treatments, affordable options and outstanding care. 

When you need an orthodontist near you in Frisco, look no further. Situated on Legendary Drive, our office is easy to access from a variety of locations. As well as serving local residents in Frisco, we welcome patients from Little Elm, Prosper, McKinney, The Colony and surrounding areas. In fact, our award-winning orthodontics means patients are happy to travel from further afield to consult with our team. 

Advanced Orthodontic Treatments in Frisco

When choosing an orthodontist, the care you receive and treatments available are your top priority. However, location matters too. Some orthodontics treatments take over 12 months to be fully completed and you will need routine appointments throughout this time. Due to this, it’s important to select an orthodontist who is located in an area that’s easy for you to access. 

When you register with Wilson Orthodontics, you no longer have to choose between superior treatments and ease of access. Our enviable location ensures we’re able to service a large number of communities and deliver exceptional orthodontic treatments. 

Do you need Orthodontic Treatment?

Most people choose to have orthodontic treatment at some point in their lives. Whether it’s for cosmetic or medical reasons, appropriate orthodontic treatment promotes oral health and plays an important role in creating exceptional smiles and boosting your confidence. 

Many people wear braces when their adult teeth erupt, usually between the ages of 12-15. In some cases, however, interceptive orthodontics may be needed for younger patients. If the structural development of your child’s jaw affects their incoming teeth, for example, early intervention may be advisable. 

Our focus on families means we’re able to offer interceptive orthodontics to younger patients. If you’re looking for a ‘specialist orthodontist near me in Frisco, Texas’ because you’re concerned about your child’s incoming teeth, why not talk to our team today? 

Of course, it isn’t just younger patients who can benefit from orthodontic treatments. An increasing number of adults are choosing to embark on orthodontic treatment too. Invisalign braces in Frisco, Texas are particularly popular among adult patients as they are practically invisible yet provide effective teeth straightening. 

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No matter what type of orthodontic treatment you may need, our dedicated team is on hand to provide the specialist advice, support and solutions you require. If you’re searching for an award-winning ‘orthodontist near me’, why wait any longer? Contact Wilson Orthodontics now at (972) 377-0500 and schedule an appointment today.